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Understanding Nationalism
Understanding Nationalism
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Understanding Nationalism
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The question of nation, nation building and nationalism are now being widely debated in our society. The demand for instilling “national pride” is also being voiced by a section of our people. 
In this booklet, we discuss how the concept of nationalism emerged in the realm of political thought with the development of capitalism and also became a part of political discourse in our freedom movement. This booklet argues that economic, political sovereignty, self-reliance and people’s well-being were the pillars on which the platform of Indian nationalism was built – our nationalism being anti- colonial, anti-imperialist and secular.  
This booklet is a part of a series, brought out by the AIPSN, on the occasion of its Sabka Desh Hamara Desh programme. 
The programme is an attempt by the People’s Science Movement to connect with wide cross section of people in defence of India’s plurality of though and aims at social action for national progress and betterment of people’s lives. 

Title Understanding Nationalism
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